Mini Turkish Rug—Atilla

$225.00 $295.00

Mini vintage Turkish knotted pile rug from the city of Kars in North Eastern Turkey. These Mini Rugs are known as 'Yastiks' - small pillows that were used by nomads that have now been turned into tiny floor rugs in their second life.

They may be small but they will draw attention! They are very versatile and can be used in many places around the home including in front of the bathroom vanity, entry ways, beside the bed or even the kitchen.

  • Dimensions: 42 x 107cm
  • Material: Wool
  • Pile: Short soft pile
  • Age: Approximately 60 years old
  • Product SKU: TR3126

All YUVA products are one of a kind vintage pieces that may contain imperfections, signs of wear, repairs and blemishes. These signs of age make our vintage rugs totally unique and are appropriate to the age of the rug.