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Balouch Weaving

Balouch Weaving

The Balouch tribes are unevenly distributed among Afghanistan, Iran & Pakistan. As weavers, they have a reputation as copyists of other peoples' designs, however what they have borrowed, they have interpreted in an unmistakable and unique Balouchi way. Shining through the immediate impression of dark & sombre colours can be seen a patina of tribal life and history, a reflection of the harshness of the landscape, climate and the traditional nomadic lifestyle.

Balouchi weavers use multiple techniques in their kilims, including a combination of weft-faced patterning, weft-wrapped brocading and knotted pile, all put together in horizontal bands of complex interlocking motifs & patterns. The end result is a work of art that has a wonderful grandeur and dignity all its own.

The finest Balouchi kilims use very dark & rich colours; indigo blue, black and deep madder red. the weaving is very tight, giving excellent durability.

The sombreness is completely removed by the limitless variation of tone, and the enlivening effect of ivory wool or white cotton.Occasionally the weaver will add a touch of silk or synthetic yarn dyed vivid pink or orange or lime green; this is highly regarded because of its rarity in an environment & lifestyle which is harsh and unadorned.

Some of the most beautiful (and affordable) Balouch weaving can be found in the many bags of various sizes which are very much a part of tribal life. Yuva usually has an impressive selection of saddlebags to choose from.