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The Making of an Overdyed Patchwork Rug

The Making of an Overdyed Patchwork Rug

Vintage Overdyed Patchwork Rugs are created using fragments & pieces of old knotted pile rugs which have been previously overdyed. Because of this, they can be made to any size or shape specification.

The pieces are cut into mostly squares & rectangles of varying sizes before being laid out on a table to begin to form the design of the new rug. This is not easy; it takes creativity & skill to arrange the pieces into an overall pattern that is both attractive & interesting. They are then machine stitched together with a reinforcing blanket stitch and using a custom-made thread which is 50%cotton and 50% non-flammable polyester. It is extremely strong. The joined pieces are then ironed with a very hot iron.....the finished rug lies totally flat with no ridges along the seam lines.

Next a heavy cotton canvas backing is applied & the outer edges all overlocked. The accompanying photo gives an excellent close-up look at the stitching.

The finished rug is a triumph of recycling; a complete & exciting contemporary new product.

Turkish overdyed patchwork rug